Monday, August 22, 2016

Writer’s Workshop 19: Fiction Tips

Back in April, I attended the 8th annual Writer’s Weekend at MT. SAC. There were a lot of workshops such as art-related, poetry, and writing.
Here are a few things I learned for fiction from the Fiction Workshop with Christopher Allan Poe and Bonnie Hearn Hill:
  • ·         dialogue is important

-it lets you know character
-drives the plot
-helps us identify the protagonist and antagonist, which is conflict
  • ·         conflict is all about someone wanting A and someone wanting B (not only fists flying)

the goal of the character drives everything
  • ·         always keep learning about your craft: read, write, take classes
  • ·         before write ask: whose story is this? what does this person want? who stands in their way?

by answering these questions, you can build your pitch
  • ·        it’s okay to have multiple protagonists and antagonists, but there should be a MAIN on from each to keep focus
  • ·         consider outlining

Note: My poem, “Disneyland,” got published in Spectrum 6: Pick Up Sticks issue, August 2016.
The issue is filled with great poetry about being a child or about an event that happened in childhood. if interested for a copy, go to

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