Monday, September 26, 2016

Pet News 22: Senior Pets Mirror Seniors

It’s been said that as children, we are taught to be adults. In fact, we yearn to be adults and forget about being a child. Then, when we’ve got the gray and can’t do much on our own, we want to return to that child who could do all those things we loved.

The same can be said about our pets. If you have an older dog like I do, you could attest to this.
My senior dog has always been a feisty girl. She could knock down a large German Shepherd during play and get him into trouble with a wink regardless of her small size. Then, she stopped playing, not because she didn’t want to… she still played fetch and ran and did everything. It was the amount of time doing play that decreased. She was now a ‘lady’ and behaved accordingly.

As the years passed, our fourteen-year-old began to revert to that puppy stage where you had to train ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ and such. Sometimes, she pretended not to listen. Her stubbornness had always been there, but now it was twofold. We had to start over again and take the time to play and train for at least five minutes a day so as not to tire her. It was strange to see her behavior change this way. We read books and found that it’s normal.

What’s not normal, is limping, crying out in pain, not eating, constipation, etc. or a recent behavior problem. So, if you see behavior that’s not normal, that’s when you take your pet to the vet. We had to take our senior dog because she started being lethargic. Thankfully, it was something we could prevent from happening by supplementing more vitamins in her diet. The love and affection never stopped, which is something that should never stop with our aging family.

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