Monday, October 17, 2016

Art 11: Unfinished

It’s fun coming across drawings I had made a while back.
This particular Life Drawing was done during an art class I had in 1998.
The focus is obvious on this piece (and it was hard even getting it down), but that’s not what struck me as I reviewed the stokes I made for getting to this phase in my art.
I like the way the dark lines contrast sharply with the smudge that represents the spine. Negative space is used to make the body. The piece is unfinished due to running out of time for the pose, which is clearly evident on the arms and stool.
The more I viewed the drawing, the more I liked that it wasn’t finished and I came to feel proud of it. Then, I realized, I could transfer that feeling to my writing. If I don’t finish a scene, I could pick it up again at a later time.

I’ve picked up the art bug again, and I’m hoping to improve my shading. There’s always room to do more I suppose…

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