Monday, October 3, 2016

Teaching Moments 5: Pawing for Good Leaders

Some peers caution against comparing teaching proper behavior to students to good dog training, but I am using it here as a metaphor for what modeling and guiding good behavior requires. In both instances, patience and a drive to understand are at the heart of behavior. Asking what and why and how are also part of our job.

Here’s a quote from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Top Tips from Top Trainers (2010, 211):

“Teachers who are calm, patient, and encouraging usually have more success getting through to their students and earning their respect. Teachers who are demanding, out of control, and unfair are usually not successful in establishing trust and respect from their students, and they make them feel hesitant and self-conscious.” –Angie Kober

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind when answering the call to train/teach children:

be a good leader
understand they will make mistakes (and so will you)
help them learn from their mistakes (yours too)
be successful
be clear of what you want (or leads to a communication problem)
be consistent
make it fun
teach positive behaviors and learn from each other

think: stop, take a breath and smile

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