Monday, November 14, 2016

Why I Write 12: Reminisce

The following is a writing prompt from Writer’s Digest from back in October 2012. See if you can answer it like I have done below.

Tell us the story of when you first realized that you needed to be a writer. Did it happen when you were young? Was it after you read a particular book? Etc.

I have written poetry for most of my life. Seldom did I write short stories, unless they were assigned by a teacher. However, I was told the stories had potential. At first, “potential” did not inspire me to be a writer. So I began reading about writing and after some coaxing, a good friend of mine suggested I write down the short story idea I’ve been sharing with her. She challenged me to get it down on paper. Thanks to her, I did, and the short story spiraled into my first novel.

Since then, I needed to be a writer. I joined a writing and poetry group, I’ve written drafts on the WD Daily prompts, I’ve finished some first drafts to novels, and I’ve kept writing ideas for future novels on file. Writing has become part of my life and I hope to one day take the title of “writer” and ingrain it on the wall so the doubts that cloud me disperse… well, I digress. I am querying agents at the moment and if all goes well, I hope to land a deal. If not, then, I can refine another novel and start again. Some authors have mentioned that most first novels never see the light of day. Though, I hope that won’t happen, I’m practical enough to keep going.  

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