Monday, March 27, 2017

Pet News 24: Leash Training and Decreasing Jumping

I’m always on the lookout for sage advice when it comes to training and caring for pets. Sometimes, one idea will work well with one pet, and another might not. I can easily train my male dog tricks, but my female dog is stubborn. It’s not because she’s a senior, it’s part of her personality. Since a puppy, she has been that way. Perseverance and patience has made her the number one guard dog. So, don’t give up. It all pays off in the end.

The book I came in contact with was Miriam Fields-Babineau’s Training your Puppy in 5 minutes: A quick, easy and humane approach (2005). The author made many suggestions and gave examples, but I’m only going to focus on two.

The first is taking your dog on a leash:
use a treat to lure pup/dog beside you
            give treat only after say “sit” then, move on
            do this a few times

The second is what the author calls “the jumping bean syndrome”:
            redirect pup/dog in positive means by stepping away
immediately lure pup/dog to sit
            reward pup/dog by giving attention (but don’t ignore pup/dog when sit or will start jumping again for attention)
            Note: when jumping on someone else-
redirect with a noise ex. put 15 pennies in a box, shake, and growl “No”
            when pup/dog stops, lure to sit, and praise

Redirection is the key to lure pup/dog to a positive behavior and to focus on you.
Find what entices pup/dog and use that as a treat such as a toy, food, stick, etc.
You want to teach pup/dog that good things come from you.
Good luck!
I know I’m going to need it when I try it with my dog to stop him from jumping. Yikes!

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