Monday, March 6, 2017

Teaching Moments 8: Earth Day every day

Recently, I watched a documentary titled A Plastic Ocean: We Need a Wave of Change from Brainstorm Media 2016.
This DVD was available through the library and it deals with how our trash is ending up at the bottom of the ocean.
Researchers traveled around the globe to see how plastic is affecting our environment and to find evidence of the litter.  
Think about how a dirty street looks like filled with plastic bottles, Styrofoam cups, nets, bags, clothes, food, etc. all littered on the sidewalk. Not a pretty sight. True, cities are trying hard to maintain a clean environment, but there still are individuals who litter. The other day I caught a woman crossing the street and tossing her banana peel on the sidewalk. Most mornings, take out paper bags near my home are dumped across the street.
It all drains to the ocean and becomes harmful for life. Not only does it affect animal’s lives, it affects our health. The documentary provides solutions some countries are implementing to curb the plastic pollution and covers the importance of recycling.
This topic is important for children to understand. However, I do caution that this documentary goes deep into the issue and some images may be too graphic for children below fifth grade. A teacher should watch the documentary first and select the parts to share. The most important parts are that our oceans ARE being polluted and that there ARE some solutions already being implemented, such as using tote bags when grocery shopping and the use of diesel fuel.

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