Monday, May 1, 2017

Why I Write 13: Creativity’s Pull

There are many reasons we choose to write as there are topics to write about. Once you get the writing bug, though, you can’t seem to want to stop. You find ways to write, whether it be ten minutes a day or three hours.

There are stories inside me wanting to be shared, so I recently attended the Mt. SAC Writer’s Weekend in which various poetry, fiction, and art workshops were offered. I wrote until I had creative overload.

It was a wonderful experience and some prompts were challenging. Sometimes, I meandered from the prompt, but I was reassured that as long as I was tapping my creative side, it was good writing.

All writing is good. Getting things down on the page is the first step. Your editing self can stay back until you complete what you started- a short story, article, novel, poem… Fix it later. Research some more after. It will all come together.

Periodically, I will post some of the notes or prompts shared that day and my attempts with them.

Here’s some reasons I continue to write, my poem “Stop to Think” got published on vox poetica April 2017 section of ‘today’s words’ ( Check it out =)

Also, my poem “It Was as if You Cast a Spell Over Me” was published in the Altadena Poetry Review: Anthology 2017 and can be viewed on the preview! It’s also a great collection, so don’t hesitate to support fellow poets.

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